A Hat Full of Sky

Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colours. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.
– Pratchett, T. (2004), A Hat Full of Sky, Doubleday

Raising Steam

It is hard to understand nothing, but the multiverse is full of it. Nothing travels everywhere, always ahead of something, and in the great cloud of unknowing nothing yearns to become something, to break out, to move, to feel, to change, to dance and to experience – in short, to be something.
— Pratchett, T. (2013), Raising Steam, Doubleday


Some people will do anything for the sheer fascination of doing it… Or for fame. Or because they shouldn’t.
— Pratchett, T. (1996), Hogfather, Victor Gollancz.